Decision Making of Software Testing using Rule-Based Approach


Factors: System Related Factors

1. In the future, the system will be affected by major functional modification?

2. The system interface is unlikely to change?

3. The system has long life cycle?

4. The system is generic (not heavily customized)

5. Does the system integrated with other system?

6. The system is complex?

7. The system have several releases?

Factors: Test Related Factors

8. Regression testing needs to be done frequently?

9. The test require large amount of data?

10. The test involve either performance, load, smoke, or unit test?

11. The test require human judgement?

12. The test need to be run in several system environments?

13. The test is straight forward?

14. The test are likely to cover high risk and importance areas?

15. The automation test will require high maintenance effort?

Factors: Tools Related Factors

16. Have you ever tried using the tools before? (If answer = YES, answer question 15 else skip to question 16)

17. Results for testing are as per expectation?

18. Does the company afford the cost of the tools?

19. Does the tool fits with the testing purpose?

Factors: Human and Organizational Related Factors

20. Does the company has test engineer with programming language knowledge?

21. Does the company can afford to train test engineer for automation testing?

22. Does the company at least have an expertise for the tools that are going to be used?

23. Does the testing is under tight schedule and budget?

24. Does the top management support for automation testing?

25. Does the company able to control the changes of the system?